Meet Mark

Mark is one of the original butchers at the shop. After talking to him, about his role, I have realised that he is much more than that! He is the shop’s unofficial Agony Aunt! Here’s Mark’s story.

Mark’s Story

I have worked at the shop since it opened in 2006. Before that I worked at Wettons Butchers. I worked there for 18 years, ever since I left school. Butchery is all I know. I live and breathe it.

When Michael’s Dad discovered me one lonely Thursday afternoon I was very excited. The Farm Shop seemed like a great move for me, as there would be more opportunities to develop my career. I prefer it at Welbeck as it is much more open for you to try new ideas.

I also like how my role has changed over the years. I now oversee other staff members in the shop and I enjoy having more responsibility. The shop keeps getting busier and busier and my role is changing all the time,

I love my job, I love meeting new people and I love hearing their secrets. People confide in their butcher like they would their hairdresser. Some days I am a butcher; some days I’m a shoulder to cry on.


I had the idea of making Mark the Agony Aunt (Uncle) of the blog. We could have a section called ‘Ask Mark’ or ‘Ask The Butcher’. You could e-mail me your questions and I could pass them on. I would probably keep your question relating to cuts of meat and the best ways to cook them, as I know Mark embarrasses easily but if you have any problems of a more personal nature I can ask him and see what he can do. What do you think?


Meet Mark — 6 Comments

  1. Mark. You know us, Ray & Dora.
    We are considering venison for Christmas when we go to our daughter in Sussex. There will be 8 of us. What price are we looking at?
    Regards, R&D.

    • Hi Ray and Dora,

      We go on the assumption of 8 oz of raw meat per person. We’re talking roughly 4lbs in weight. Venison Haunch is £7.13 per lb (£15.99 per kilo) si it would cost approximately £28.

      Feel free to give me a call if you’d like any further information.

      Many Thanks,


  2. hi……GOOD DAY,im marites..may i ask if you won’t mind …do you knew DORA WELBECK? WIDOW of late EARL WELBECK? PLS.. MSG ME IF YOU KNEW HER..THANKS GOD BLESS

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