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A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend some time in Boutique Aromatique’s fabulous chocolate lab! I had a wonderful time and Shelly now has a new lodger! I felt honoured to get a glimpse of how she makes her award winning chocolates.

Shelly was also kind enough to share some of her top-secret chocolate making tips!

1) I always melt water in a bowl over a pan of water as I have found that it burns in a microwave. Shelly said that a great tip for melting chocolate in a microwave is to give it 30 second blasts. This prevents the chocolate from burning.

2) Chocolatiers use a heat gun to help them to control the temperature of the chocolate. If you haven’t got a heat gun a hair dryer will work. Sometimes Shelly has to keep the chocolate at the perfect temperature for 3 hours!

3) When you have melted chocolate and you want to use it again, if you leave it in the bowl you end up with a solid lump that is hard to work with. If you spread it onto a piece of baking parchment and allow it to set it will be much easier to work with.

4) If you back your ganache with a layer of melted chocolate and allow it to set it will prevent your fork from going through the ganache when you are covering it. Thank you Shelly for a lovely evening and thank you Andy for filming our fun!


More behind the scenes videos.

The Welbeck Bakehouse

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