Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Last weekend was Welbeck’s annual Arts & Food Market. Saturday went without a hitch but on Sunday the weather was unkind. It rained constantly throughout Saturday night and Sunday morning and it was extremely windy! My husband got up very early and went to work expecting the worst.

When he arrived at work his suspicions were confirmed! The rain had collected in the roof of the central marquee and the weight of the water had caused the marquee to collapse!

Just as Michael was wondering how he was going to fix things The Welbeck Bakehouse arrived with a delivery. Together they began to bail the water out of the roof but they quickly realized that the small bucket would not make a huge difference to the lake.

Luckily Neil (the chef) arrived shortly after armed with a spanner and a hammer. An hour later the marquee had been removed and a few temporary ones had been put up. There was not enough tent space to hold all the stalls so some were located inside the shop and others cosily shared their marquees.

Although the day got off to a stressful start, everyone pulled together and had a lovely day! The sun even decided to put in an appearance! There were smiles all round and even some dancing (thanks Claire).

Photographs – Southwell Vintner and students from The School Of Artisan Food making the most of their new stalls inside the shop. Stichelton and Welbeck Abbey Brewery still smiling! (Come on Joe!) :)

I have taken many photos of the Arts & Food Market for Experience Nottinghamshire. You can read my guest post here.

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