Meet Paul

Paul is a butcher at the shop. After spending the morning making ‘trinkets’ with him (there is a video of this that will follow) I talked to him about his time at the shop and his life as a butcher.

Pauls Story

I started butchering at the tender age of 16 and I quickly realised that this was the career for me!

I worked with some fantastic guys (and dolls). Although that was a little before my time! ;) One guy in particular taught me a lot! Not just about butchering but also about life in general. He had many a tale to tell but it was the butchering aspect where he really came into his own.

The wisest thing he ever said to me was, ‘Don’t stay at one workplace because you will only ever learn one way of butchering and there are many!’ He also taught me a little bit of the business side of things, e.g. costing, quality control, etc. I learnt the rest as I moved around different jobs. I suppose you could say I was a little butchering butterfly, moving from place to place.

Four years ago I landed on a rather large estate called Welbeck and, I must admit, I finally found a place where I can see me ending my career. The first thing that I noticed about the Welbeck Farm Shop was how well positioned it was (irrespective of the fact that it is sheltered by a wall). The second thing that I saw was huge potential! It felt great to be part of a team that was working together to move the shop forward.

It wasn’t long before I realised that I had made the right move. I knew that the farm shop would go from strength to strength. I quickly started the ‘trinket’ range. It is a completely different approach to butchering that I have only recently discovered. It has made a huge difference to the butchery and hopefully the shop. We butcher all the bacon sold in the shop from locally sourced pork and it is also dry cured and smoked on the premises.

Now the Welbeck Farm Shop has been put on the map, thanks to a dedicated team and quality products. Hopefully we can keep it there for a long time!


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