Trinkets & Swirls

Last week I went to make some trinkets with Paul. It was great seeing how Paul worked!

I have put together a little video, which shows us making some trinkets and a pork swirl. I have altered the speed of the video to different percentages, depending on what we were doing. For example, when Paul was sharpening the knife I only increased the speed slightly but when I was doing anything I increased the speed much more! Paul works unbelievable quickly. If I worked half as fast I would lose my thumb!

Paul makes many different trinkets including lightly cured pork with apricot, pistachio and rosemary and chicken stuffed with mushroom pate. He loves creating different varieties and he is always on the lookout for new ideas.


Thank you Paul for teaching me the tricks of the trinkets! Guess what we are having for dinner!

*Thanks also to Mikey for filming our fun!



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