Countrywise Kitchen

At the beginning of last year the Welbeck Farm Shop was featured on Countrywise Kitchen. The presenter Mike Robinson visited the shop and the brewery to gather ingredients and then he took Michael into the estate to cook a meal. Michael thoroughly enjoyed the experience and found it very exciting!

Michael’s Story

It was great to meet Mike Robinson and taste his food. I always thought when people cooked on television the food probably didn’t taste as good as they made it seem but Mike’s food tasted great and he did it all on a little gas stove with the flame blowing out in the wind. They kept having to pause filming to relight the stove.

I found it strange that the process had to be filmed twice, once for close up shots and once showing the whole scene. I had to try and remember how I did things so that I didn’t mess up the continuity. Cutting my mushrooms differently the second time around could have ruined everything!

At one point during filming I got cramp in my right leg. As we were filming I was scared to move. As soon as they yelled cut I jumped up and started shaking my leg. I think people thought that I’d lost it!

It was great fun taking part in Countrywise Kitchen. Two weeks later we were also featured on Heritage Heroes. The show business went to my head but I was soon brought back down to earth. The programmes brought more customers to the shop which meant I had to work even harder! ;)

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