In October I told you how the farm shop where finalists of the FARMA Awards 2013 in two categories, Best On Farm Butchery and Own & Local. It was the awards ceremony yesterday and Michael, Mark & Paul attended the celebrations in Harrogate.

The ceremony took place at the Majestic Hotel after the annual FARMA conference. Around 200 people were treated to a three-course meal that showcased the fine food from Farma members, including the sourdough bread from Welbeck Bakehouse.

The boys had a wonderful evening and they were introduced to some interesting people. Hugh Fernley Whittingstall presented the awards, which was definitely a highlight. They were absolutely thrilled when they found out that the Welbeck Farm Shop had been awarded Best On Farm Butchery 2013!


This category represents farm shops that combine excellent own and local meat with a skilled and passionate butchery team. The team are thrilled that their hard work has been recognised!

Here’s what Michael had to say.

‘It was great to be shortlisted in two categories at the Farma awards but it was fantastic news when we were awarded the best on farm butchery award 2013. Myself, Mark and Paul went up to collect the award and I was very proud of what the shop had achieved. My butchery team is absolutely fantastic! Mark, Paul, Rob and Geoff are brilliant! I was asked by another farm shop what our secret was and I replied, ‘Character’.  Our butchers are all characters, always smiling and telling bad jokes. Above all they care about the customer and that’s what matters.’


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  1. Well done. I agree that the butchers are definitely characters and care about their suppliers as well as their customers. It’s always pleasure to deal with them (even with the hourly warning!!!!) xxx

  2. We all know you’re the best but it so good to see that all that hard work has been recognised and rewarded. Congratulations to you all.

  3. Your recent award stateing you are the best farm shop butchery in the country is fantastic,not only for your hard work to be appreciated but also for myself as a customer. The recent worries of not knowing what meat you are eating, makes me as a Welbeck Farm Shop customer delighted to have the knowledge that not only is your meat exactly what you say it is but also your customer service is fantastic, usualy quality cost but I also will say your prices are very good. Hope it stays that way now you have this award.

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