The Sausage Roll Man

I thought that it was time to share the story of the vegetarian sausage roll man with you.  David works on the deli counter at the shop and, being a vegetarian, has to suffer regular teasing from the butchers. When the shop was awarded Best On Farm Butchery at the recent Farma Awards, it was said that, ‘The phenomenal team of butchers could turn a vegetarian into a carnivore within 10 minutes.’ I am convinced that this might be the case in some instances but David likes to provide them with a challenge.


When I spoke to David I was surprised at how many times he said ‘sausage rolls’ within the first few minutes (hence the title of this post).  He also makes a great cheese and onion pasty to keep the butchers on their toes. Here is David’s story.

David’s Story

I’m a relatively recent employee of the Farm Shop, starting here in April last year.  I started working on the shop floor, but now work on the Deli counter.  Supplying sausage rolls to the good people of Sheffield, Nottingham and Bassetlaw, I have earned my alter ego of Sausage Roll Man!  We sell a lot of sausage rolls.  People travel a surprisingly long way and surprisingly regularly for a good sausage roll and I aim to sell them at their hottest and freshest.

Before working at the farm shop, I worked for Welbeck Bakehouse, who provides bread to the shop, so I am well placed to answer customers’ questions about it.

I am lucky enough to live on the Estate, which gives me the freedom to enjoy cycling and walking around the area.  I can go past the Deer Park or cycle to Norton where some of the shop’s pigs are raised.

I enjoy gardening and have a decent veg plot.  I find a lot of the customers of the shop also garden, so we can congratulate each other on our successes or commiserate over poor harvests.  I am a life-long vegetarian so I eat lots of veggies.  Being a vegetarian does tend to mean I get ridiculed (persecuted!!) by the butchers; they are men of meat, they can’t help it.

In spite of my vegetarianism, I do find I can learn a lot off the butchers, especially Mark, who keeps an eagle’s eye on everyone and will always know if I’ve done something wrong.  He usually shows me the correct way.  Usually.

I’m looking forward to seeing if I can find new products, better flavours and further improve the quality of products available on the Deli counter.


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