The Secret Diary Of Geoff Brown, Aged 59 3/4

Geoff has been a butcher at the shop for just over a year. I have spoken to him a couple of times about his ‘About Me‘ post but I always felt like I was catching him of guard so I asked if he would like to write down his story for me.

He did this and as I started reading it I couldn’t help but smile. Maybe the teacher in me had made it seem like homework or maybe it was that famous butcher’s humour. Geoff’s story started like this.

By Geoff Brown Aged 59 3/4

Geoff’s Story


When I left school in 1969 I went to work for Mansfield Co-op. I also attended Worksop and Chesterfield Collages to gain my Institute of Meat Diploma and I worked my way up to Butchery Manager.

I decided to open my own butchers shop. I became self employed and opened a shop in Sneiton, Nottingham. I had my shop for 25 years before I ceased to trade in 2002. I then ran the butchery at Coombe’s Farm Shop for 5 years. After being made redundant in 2008 I went to work as a school caretaker.

I learned of a vacancy at the Welbeck Farm Shop and I came to see Michael who gave me a 3-month trial. After 2 weeks Michael offered me a permanent job and I have never looked back.

I work with a great set of people (don’t tell them that though) and I enjoy butchering and the presentation aspect of my role. I love meeting people and giving them guidance and cooking tips.

I look forward to contributing to making the shop more successful and well known. All in all, I love my job and all that goes with it.


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