Any Excuse For A Picnic

Michael and I enjoy having indoor picnics. It is an alternative to going out for a meal as, since our daughter came along, we don’t have much free time. You can also have an indoor picnic whatever the weather which is handy living in England.

The shop has recently started having a tasting panel to taste any new products. The panel tried some new preserves recently and thought they were delicious! This seemed like a good reason to have an indoor picnic.


We bought some Hafod Cheddar and some Cornish Yarg (my favourite) and a ciabatta loaf made by The Welbeck Bakehouse. We also purchased a pork pie, some cooked meats and the new preserves.


I made a strawberry and cream cake using Starkey’s delicious strawberries.


We set out our picnic and had a lovely evening.


The preserves were very tasty! I could not stop eating the beetroot chutney and although I didn’t try the cucumber pickle my husband ate half a jar of it so I think that is a good sign.

The preserves are made in Yorkshire by The Harrogate Preserves Company and although that is further afield than many of the shops products the taste makes stocking them worthwhile. The company began because someone was unable to find a delicious red onion marmalade. They decided to make their own and things progressed from there.

I think that the preserves would also make a lovely gift as they are beautifully packaged. They are available in the shop now and would be lovely for a picnic, indoor or out!


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